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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Does Your Xbox 360 Malfunction Like This?

If your Xbox 360 has three flashing lights on it click on the xbox repair link above to get gaming again in under an hour!

The red ring of death is all too common on first generation consoles, so common in fact that class action law suits have been filed against the manufacturer because they sold bung machines to the general public.

Sometimes if you're lucky the three red lights will go away by themselves, if this isn't the case for you and you are unlucky like I was, then your luck is about to change. If you have even just a little technical know-how you can repair your xbox right in the comfort of your own home.

Just follow the instructions in our money back guaranteed guide and you WILL be playing Halo 3 again with your friends online in under an hour.

What happened to your xbox was not your fault, and no longer does it need to sit in the corner collecting dust while you go back to playing on your PSP reminiscing about your glory days of CoD4 online.

We'll show you how to fix the broken cooling system, we'll show you how to fix broken drives, we'll show you how to fix error 74 all in under an hour.

Our fix works for over 97% of broken xbox 360 units so give it a try today.


Smith said...

That video is horrible! I hate the Xbox 360 Red Lights! That video hurts!

Yip said...

This blog is awesome.

Here's my link:
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