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Monday, March 31, 2008

How to Fix 3 Red Lights

The 3 red lights error on the xbox 360 is really starting to get out of hand. The failure rate is well over 33% now and has ended up costing microsoft over a billion dollars to remedy.

In the software industry it's common practice to send out a piece of software that hasn't had all the bugs ironed out of it yet and then as time goes on release 'patches' to fix the bugs that the public finds.

It seems that greedysoft have taken the same approach with the xbox 360. While the games themselves are awesome and while thye have given us the wonders of CoD4 and Halo 3, they've also realeased them for use on a machine that will die trying to play the games for you.

The 3 red lights problem is a worldwide epidemic and up until now there wasn't a lot you could do about it. If you xbox 360 is under warranty they you can call 1800-4-MY-XBOX, check out my post of a video of one of those calls.

Or, you can do the intelligent thing and do what thousands of other people have done (including myself, that's why I started this whole blog) and fix the 3 red lights error yourself!

It will take you less than an hour, and more than likely you have every tool you need sitting at home, if you don't you can just go to any old hardware store, but I had everything I needed sitting around.

You'll save yourself the $140 it would cost if you got it fixed in a shop, and the guide even comes with a money back guarantee. If it doesn't work for you, just get your money back, and hey your xbox was already broken anyway right?

If you don't want to continue moping around home waiting for your xbox to magically repair itself, then take control NOW and fix the 3 red light error yourself so that you can get back to gaming.

How to Copy Xbox 360 Games

I've just found a great new program that will be an answer to many a poor gamers prayer. You can now copy xbox 360 games. Yes that's right, you can make backups of all your favourite games in case something happens to your original disks.

I'm not condoning copying games that don't belong to you, but if you did want to try that, this software will do it for you.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Xbox 360 Repair

Sending your xbox 360 for repair isn't always what it's cracked up to be. More and more people are realising that doing your own xbox 360 repair work is easy and rewarding, plus you don't have to put up with this kind of rubbish...

There's certainly been no shortage of sad stories involving Xboxes, but when it comes to attempts to get the console repaired, this latest tale from a gamer known only as Nathaniel might have to take the cake. As you can see above, his console (one of the first to hit the market) boasted a good deal of personalization, including signatures from folks at Bungie and the Xbox 360 team, and a spiffy illustration by Rooster Teeth Comics artist Luke McKay. As with many other Xbox users, however, Nathaniel's console eventually packed it in, and he was forced to send it to Microsoft for repairs. Needless to say, that's when things took a turn for the worse. Despite calling ahead of time and getting assurances that his prized console would be sent back intact, and including a letter reiterating how much the console meant to him, Microsoft apparently took it upon themselves to clean it as best they could before returning it, leaving only a few faint smudges of permanent marker to ensure that it was, in fact, the same Xbox. There's no word as to what Nathaniel plans to do next (other than weep), but given that Microsoft gave the royal treatment to someone that did nothing more than get a Zune tattoo, you'd think they could at least give the guy a few free points or something.

Do yourself a favour, do your own Xbox 360 Repair work in the comfort of your own home, save yourself the weeks of gameless torment that most people suffer and make sure that your Xbox 360 Repair work actually gets done.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Xbox 360 Problems

Most Xbox 360 owners would have heard of the dreaded "Red Ring Of Death", a glowing light which appears on the front of the console. According to some sources, one third of all Xbox 360 consoles suffer from general hardware failures which cause the red warning light to displayed.

However, what many 360 owners are not aware of is the fact that different types of red flashing lights actually mean different things, some more serious than others. Today I am going to tell you exactly what each specific red light configuration means for you and your Xbox, what the causes of each are and what can be done to fix the problems.

Before we can begin you need to inspect the front of your Xbox 360 console and get accustomed with the light display circle. Look carefully and you'll notice that its broken up into four sections, all of which glow green when the console is functioning correctly. For the purposes of this article section one is the top right hand corner section of the circle, section two is the bottom right hand corner, section three is the bottom left hand corner and section four is the top left hand corner.

If section two of the light circle is the only one glowing red then the console has simply overheated. One of the main Xbox 360 Problems is that it is notorious for overheating due to a somewhat inefficient heat removal system. Using the 360 for extended periods of time can cause the console to overheat and the only solution is to power the console down for an hour or so until it has cooled down. To help prevent overheating from occurring in the first place it is advisable to move the console to an area where it receives plenty of air flow and is raised off the ground.

If all four sections of the light circle are glowing red then the problem is even easier to fix. All that has occurred is that the AV cable has become disconnected from the back of the console. Completely remove the Xbox 360 AV cable and plug it back in until a clicking noise is heard. Restart the console and all should be working as normal. However, if the console still displays the four red lights then you should ring the Xbox 360 technical helpline (1-800-4MY-XBOX for American gamers, 425-635-7180 for international gamers) between 6am to 10pm Pacific time.

The real problems start when either section three, or all sections but number one of the light ring are glowing red. This means that your Xbox 360 console has experienced a general hardware failure and is basically unusable.

Have no fear though, your Xbox 360 problems can be solved!

One of the most common causes of general hardware failure in the Xbox 360 is the malfunction of the Nyoko intercooler. Another common cause is the fracturing of the lead-free solder used during the construction of the console.

No amount of rebooting or cursing will fix the problem, and there are only three options to get yourself gaming again.

The first is to purchase a new 360 console. However, this will be an expensive option and there is no guarantee that the new console you purchase will suffer the same problem as the old one.

If you do choose to buy a new Xbox 360 then it would be wise to get an additional warranty to cover you in case you once again suffer the "Red Ring Of Death".

Another option would be to send your faulty Xbox 360 back to Microsoft for repair. To do this you need to call the technical helpline (1-800-4MY-XBOX for American gamers, 425-635-7180 for international gamers) and explain exactly what the problem with your console is. A box will then be shipped to the address that you gave to the technical specialist that contains the instructions for shipping. Pack the console only (remove the hard-drive and all cables, controllers and discs from the drive) into the box unless otherwise stated in the instructions. Ship the box to the address provided and get yourself ready for the wait. It will take a LONG TIME to receive the refurbished console, and far longer if you live overseas.

Some gamers have been unfortunate enough to have shipped their console for repair, only to have the replacement break down on them as well.

However, if you're the sort of person who wants to get back to gaming as soon and for as little money as possible then the best option would be to attempt a home repair job. Now you're probably thinking that it can't be possible to fix you Xbox 360 problems from home. I'm not gonna lie, it's not as easy as it should be, but there are a number of excellent guides to DIY 360 repair that can be purchased online for a reasonable price.

Of course there is some risk involved - opening your console will automatically void the warranty so the cautious Xbox 360 gamer would be wise to send their console back to Microsoft. For those who wish to get over your Xbox 360 Problems and back to gaming quickly and cheaply home repair is a truly viable option and in most cases requires no special technical skills.

CLICK HERE to buy the same guide I used to fix mine in 47 minutes. I'm a complete noob at DIY. The guide has videos and an ebook that explain everything you need to know in great detail. It also comes with a money back guarantee.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Call Xbox Support for Troubleshooting and See What Happens

This isn't me, but it's pretty typical of the experiences we'll all have if we call the xbox support line to have all our xboxes fixed. The stats keep getting worse and worse with most retailers reporting a staggering rate of over 30% returns on xbox 360s.

The Xbox Support line really can't do much for you as you'll see in the video. The extent of their troubleshooting over the phone seems to be 'move it further away from the tv and turn it back on'. See for yourself...

Just do yourself a favour and fix your xbox yourself. I used this guide to do it myself in 47 minutes. Three of my friends have also used it since I fixed mine with the same results.

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Xbox Troubleshooting

Yes, sad to say, someone could of easily said that the XBOX 360 was rushed to darn quickly, in time for the christmas season and the following years Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Los Vegas. Me being an Apple computer user, I was never the hugest fan when it came to Microsoft products. I did eventually end up buying one, because years before I made the switch from PC to Apple, I had fell in love with Project Gotham 3.

Ok, so $400 and $50 for the game, I ended up thinking I got a fair deal with my XBOX 360. I was having a ball with the insane graphics, and just winning cars left and right. I have to admit, I am a huge F1 race fan at heart, so I seriously thought I was going to wear the heck out of the thing. A few months of hardcore gameplay between work, and watching hockey and footballl, I eventually won the Ferrari F430.

So, the day after I won the Ferrari F430, I wanted to take the prancing horse out to the Nurburgring and lay some serious Pirelli P-Zeros and while entering the Nordschliefe area while departing the current GP track, my game just stopped! I was puzzled and couldn't figure it out for the life of me what was wrong. The power connections and video/sound connections were solid, so that was not the problem.

I had examined the console, and happened to find on the power button, a ring of red lights blinking. Since I had taken automotive school in high school, I have noticed that the blinking red lights could of been some trouble code. Instead of calling Microsoft, since I am not a huge fan of them at all, heh, I decided to pursue the problem using the world wide web. Looking on various websites, forums, endless google search strings, I had found out the problem was a general hardware failure.

I had a few options thought that I could examine.
Send the box to Microsoft to get it repaired. This would take copious amounts of time, and some cash outlay for shipping and overall repairs to the console.
Just simply throw out the unit, and spend another $400 to get back to having fun driving my Ferrari's.
Further explore a suitable possibility to repair the Console myself, regardless of voiding the warranty.

The solution I found, and believe it or not worked, was the Three Red Light Fix Guide. This was a series of videos, along with a companion PDF guide demonstrating how to repair your XBOX 360 in the neighborhood of an hour's time. If you are either mechanically inclined or not, I found the xbox 360 repair video easy to follow through with their simple, easy to understand terminology and step-by-step instruction.

If you do not want to send the box back to Microsoft, and maybe save money in the process while learning more about your XBOX 360, check out the Three Red Light Repair Guide Here.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Xbox 360 Repair Guide Three Red Lights FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I Have Seen A Few Different Xbox 360 Repair Guides Online How Do I Know That This One Is The Best?
A: This guide is the best selling guide on, and has been fixing Xbox 360's with the 3 red light problem successfully for well over 1 year! Also there is a full 56 day money back guarantee!

Q. How Hard Is The Fix To Carry Out?

A. You can easily do this fix as the guide has simple step by step instructions and clear videos showing you EXACTLY what to do! Unlike other guides this guide is NOT just info pasted from forums but a REAL live video that you can follow along to fix your Xbox 360 step by step. Check out a preview of the video here.

Q. Do You Provide Any Support If I Need It?

A. Of course! If you need any help you can get full support by email 24/7. I will answer all your questions within an hour!

Q. Have You Got Any Proof That Your Guide Is The Best Selling On

A. Yes, just send me a quick email and I will show you that this guide is the best selling on which is the biggest retailer of online goods! No other Xbox 360 repair guide on the web can claim this!

Q. How Long Does The Fix Take To Do?

A. You will be able to get the Xbox 360 fix done within 30 - 40 mins and be playing your games again within the hour!

Q. Can You Give Me Any More Reasons To Buy Your Guide?

A. Yes, you will find that this is the most cost effective guide on the web. As I say above I can provide full PROOF that this guide is a best seller on Clickbank! No-one else can claim this! No other guide will provide a preview of the videos so if you buy another guide you won't know what you are getting!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Xbox Repair Guide

Just ask any Xbox 360 owner what their greatest fear concerning their $300 plus piece of hardware is, and you might receive a variety of answers.

One concept that is sure to make the blood run cold in any Xbox 360 owner's veins is the sight of the Red Ring of death. More appropriately, the Ring Of Light on the front of an Xbox 360 flashing red, indicating some major trouble is about to go down. The Xbox 360 can be subject to a number of possible technical and hardware problems, of which overheating , more than often, considered the main culprit.

Since the Xbox 360 console was released in 2005 the console's reliability gained a bad reputation by the general public, and in the press through articles portraying its poor reliability and relatively high failure rates. Although Microsoft's Peter Moore published an open letter in July 2007, recognizing the problem and announcing a 3 year warranty expansion, there is an alternative option.

The good news is that most every faulty Xbox 360 unit with the Red Ring error, are very easily able to be successfully repaired. This is great news for Xbox owners and it gets even better.

It's been a long wait for the first of many self-styled Xbox Repair Guides to surface on the web, up till now. An effective, but all important, GUARANTEED Solution is 3 Red Light Fix, a Xbox 360 Repair Guide which offers all Xbox 360 owners, A PERMANENT Solution, to ridding their consoles of the Red Ring Of Death.

The major advantage being that you are able to be up and playing in less than one hour, as well as save more than $100 required for the otherwise normal, shipping and repair costs.
The guide also covers; overheating , graphic errors and freeze ups. The Xbox repair guide instructions are easy to follow and include great hi-res videos.

With more people submitting their Xbox 360 consoles to be fixed, the repair centres are quickly becoming overloaded and wait times are increasing from weeks to months!
Not to mention the hundreds of dollars you WILL PAY to fix Microsoft's faults!
Thankfully NOW YOU CAN fix these problems by yourself...

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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