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Friday, January 9, 2009

Xbox 360 3 Flashing Red Lights

Got the Xbox 360 3 Flashing Red Lights Error?

You're not alone! Every single one of the million first-generation Xbox 360s will eventually die.

There are a lot of quick fixes out there on the internet that you might have heard of like the towel trick or the clamp trick, but these tricks are unsafe and will void your warranty while frying your Xbox.

Do not underestimate the danger of doing something stupid like the towel trick. This temporary fix works by overheating your xbox 360 and melting the solder that holds one of the processors to the motherboard.

Like other gamers you need to get back to playing as soon as possible and sending your Xbox back to the manufacturer and waiting 6 weeks for its return is too long.

If you're happy to go and play your games at your friends house then stick your Xbox in the post and send it away.

If you want to get back to Xbox Live by tonight, watch this easy step by step video guide that shows you the secrets to repairing the Xbox 360 3 flashing red lights error with household tools.

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