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Monday, April 7, 2008

Xbox 360 Overheating Problems

All hardware launches are afflicted by a small percentage of problems; and it seems Xbox 360 is no exception. The forums today include some irate Xbox 360 owners who are experiencing overheating problems, likely to do with the hard drive. One owner claimed Microsoft had stated it had "received numerous calls".Here's what they had to say. We're awaiting a response from Microsoft

"I just received my Xbox 360 today. It was freezing cold so I let it sit for about an hour. Plugged everything in got it up and started playing COD 2. I completed training and while it was loading it just went to a black screen. I waited for awhile and nothing happened so I turned it off, let it sit and turned it back on. I turned it back on to 3 red flashing lights. The top left and the two bottom.

I found out that it's the hard drive. They said they have received numerous calls already. I unplugged my hard drive and it worked fine. Put it back on my box and red lights again."

THIS is what happens when you call the xbox support line. Everybody knows that the three red lights problem is due to the xbox overheating thanks to the substandard construction methods employed in it's assembly, last minute changes to lead-free solder and whatnot.

What not everybody knows though, and this is a well kept secret, is that you can fix your xbox 360 yourself from the comfort of your own kitchen table in less than an hour if you have the right guide.

I started this blog because my xbox 360 died a few months back and I was distraught. I read about the towel fix, and it helped out for a short while, but then one day it just looked like those red lights were there to stay.

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