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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Xbox Repair Guide

Just ask any Xbox 360 owner what their greatest fear concerning their $300 plus piece of hardware is, and you might receive a variety of answers.

One concept that is sure to make the blood run cold in any Xbox 360 owner's veins is the sight of the Red Ring of death. More appropriately, the Ring Of Light on the front of an Xbox 360 flashing red, indicating some major trouble is about to go down. The Xbox 360 can be subject to a number of possible technical and hardware problems, of which overheating , more than often, considered the main culprit.

Since the Xbox 360 console was released in 2005 the console's reliability gained a bad reputation by the general public, and in the press through articles portraying its poor reliability and relatively high failure rates. Although Microsoft's Peter Moore published an open letter in July 2007, recognizing the problem and announcing a 3 year warranty expansion, there is an alternative option.

The good news is that most every faulty Xbox 360 unit with the Red Ring error, are very easily able to be successfully repaired. This is great news for Xbox owners and it gets even better.

It's been a long wait for the first of many self-styled Xbox Repair Guides to surface on the web, up till now. An effective, but all important, GUARANTEED Solution is 3 Red Light Fix, a Xbox 360 Repair Guide which offers all Xbox 360 owners, A PERMANENT Solution, to ridding their consoles of the Red Ring Of Death.

The major advantage being that you are able to be up and playing in less than one hour, as well as save more than $100 required for the otherwise normal, shipping and repair costs.
The guide also covers; overheating , graphic errors and freeze ups. The Xbox repair guide instructions are easy to follow and include great hi-res videos.

With more people submitting their Xbox 360 consoles to be fixed, the repair centres are quickly becoming overloaded and wait times are increasing from weeks to months!
Not to mention the hundreds of dollars you WILL PAY to fix Microsoft's faults!
Thankfully NOW YOU CAN fix these problems by yourself...

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