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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Three Flashing Red Lights Xbox Problem?

Want to fix the Three Flashing Red Lights on your Xbox yourself?

More and more people are realizing these days that it's much faster to fix the three flashing red lights on your Xbox 360 yourself than it is to send it in to greedy$oft. There's a lot of free information out there on the web today including the towel trick and the x-clamp method, but the way I fixed mine was with this ebook.

The instructions were easy to follow, it has full colour pictures and it's pretty much idiot proof. Since I bought mine they've even upgraded the book to include high resolution videos showing you the same repairs that would normally cost you $140 in the shops.

Save yourself a lot of grief, don't bother with the free guides out there, they will only bring heartache. One of the reasons they have so many 'free' guides out there is because people aren't willing to pay for their information because it's of poor quality and out of date.

The xbox 360 repair guide will show you how to permanently get rid of the three flashing red lights xbox problem that you are currently facing, or your money back. How's that for a promise!

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